Interactive Actions

Interactive Actions

Please note: Interactive Actions are currently supported on Xibo for Windows R3 R300 / Xibo for Android R3 R300 and Xibo for webOS v3 R300

**Please note: **If you are using a v3.1.x CMS, please click here

Actions can be attached to an entire Layout a particular Region or specific Widget and can be used to effect changes to the Layout. These can be triggered by Touch or Click or programmatically by webhook.

Scenario: A Product display has a product that the customer can pick up. An ‘internet of things’ device, such as a light sensor could be used to trigger a webhook to Xibo which loads that particular products information into a Region to be shown.

More information on webhooks can be found in our Developer documentation here

Take a look at our guide on Using Webhooks to trigger a Layout!

Interactive Actions are accessed from the Layout Designer and created and managed from the Actions tab on a Layout, Region or Widget Edit form.

Adding an Action

Actions are created and configured in the Layout Designer using the Actions tab for a Layout, Region and Widget:

  • From the selected Actions tab, click on the Add Action button to create a new action.

  • Use the Trigger Type drop down to select how this Action should be triggered:

    Touch / Click

    Trigger by touching or clicking anywhere on a Layout, a particular Region or a particular Widget

    When using Android, ensure that Touch capabilities are enabled for the device from Display Settings using the Advanced tab!

    Web hook

    Include a Trigger Code, which must be present in the URL ``trigger=` parameter.

  • Use the Action Type drop down to determine what will happen when triggered:

    Next / Previous item in the Schedule

    This option is available for selection when adding an Action to an entire Layout.

    Next / Previous Widget in the Timeline

    This option is available for selection when adding an Action to a Region or Widget.

    Navigate to Layout

    On selecting this option a further field will be presented to select the Layout Code to identify the Layout to be used from the drop down menu.

    Layouts need to have a Code Identifier assigned in order to be included in this list for selection. Codes can be assigned when adding new or by using the edit form for a Layout!

    Navigate to Widget

    To use this option, Widgets first need to be added to the Interactive Drawer from the Layout Designer and a Target Region needs to be set.

    Ensure you click to Save!

    Once added to the drawer, Widgets will show for selection using the drop down menu.

  • Next select the Target:


    This option can only be selected if your Widget is a Shell Command, which will run the command without affecting any Regions.


    Select for all other Widgets.

    The Target Region set for the Widget in the Interactive Drawer will be shown!

  • Once all relevant fields have been completed, click the Save button.

Saved Actions can be further edited or deleted using the Row Menu.