Xibo Audience Reporting

Xibo Audience Reporting

Enhance and maximise the performance of your Xibo Ad Campaigns with the Audience Reporting Connector

Effortless, Enhanced Audience Reporting

Optimise advertising campaigns running in the Xibo CMS with enhanced reporting capabilities based on Designated Market Areas (DMA’s). Vary spend / impression information per display and enhance your advertising with additional proof of play reporting using, the Xibo Audience Reporting Connector

Audience Reporting Connector

Enhanced Reporting

The Audience Reporting Connector extends the existing reporting available within Xibo CMS bringing in pricing, impressions and other data attributed to augment the reporting.

Reporting includes enhanced Campaign and Mobile Proof of Play reporting, Display Percentage Reporting and Ad Play reporting.

Create DMA’s (Designated Market Areas) to further enhance your ad campaigns. Enable reporting that:

  • Helps you to maximize your network potential
  • Allows you to define a time period or location where you can adjust Cost per Play and/or Impressions per Play by date, time of day and geolocation
  • Optimise future ad campaigns to reach the right audience at the right time in the right place, through reporting insights
  • Showcases campaign performance and insights to customers and stakeholders

The Xibo Audience Reporting connector is an add on to the Xibo CMS and is available for existing Xibo users to purchase

per month, per display per connector

per year, per display per connector

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New to Xibo?

New to Xibo?

To make use of the Xibo Audience Reporting Connector you will need to be an existing Xibo user with a My Account login.

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Got questions about advertising features of Audience Reporting Connector? Check out top FAQ’s and if you still can’t find what you are looking for contact us.

What version of the Xibo CMS is the Audience Reporting Connector available on?

The Xibo Audience Reporting Connector is available from Xibo v3.3.2