Xibo documentation for administrators, developers and users.


Welcome to the hub of Xibo Documentation.

From here you can access a variety of information to assist you with your Xibo journey from the left hand menu.

All of our documentation is regularly updated to reflect changes and additions to the Xibo System, and so a valuable reference tool for all users!

Administrator Documentation

Administrator Documentation assists Administrators with regards to the set up and installation of the Xibo System, both CMS and Player.

The Administration Documentation includes an array of guides to take you through Installation, Upgrading, Player Licensing as well as a helpful Troubleshooting / FAQ section.

User Manual

The User Manual is essential reading for all new Users to take you through the Xibo CMS features and functionality. Use as a reference as you navigate the CMS to assist with possible configuration options and capabilities.

Developer Documentation

For all information regarding integrating with and extending Xibo.

Written by our experienced development team this documentation is targeted at developers only.