Xibo Advertising

Xibo Advertising

Easy-to-use advertising features that give you the power to manage and monetise your digital signage network

Effortless, Automated Advertising

Create engaging digital signage and advertising campaigns, and drive incremental revenue opportunities for your business, from a single interface. Create, run and view simple advertising campaigns using the Ad Campaigns feature. Maximise your advertising potential by integrating to world leading DooH Supply Side Platforms (SSP) with the ready to go Xibo SSP Connector.

Ad Campaigns


Save time and utilise your existing inventory by managing your Digital Signage and Advertising campaigns from one place. Ad campaigns are enhanced campaigns with additional advertising related settings such as: Start/end dates, Direct display assignments and a play target (number of plays, budget and/or number of impressions). Layouts are assigned to an Ad Campaign and can include: days of the week, day part and Geo fence.

Xibo makes advertising scheduling simple, by managing it so you don’t have to! Xibo will schedule your advertising campaigns alongside your usual signage content to hit the play target. Proof of play will be available and can be aggregated onto the campaign, including spend and impressions*.

*Spend and impressions are based on the cost per play/impressions per play entered on each display.

Ad Campaigns is available at no extra cost and is included as core Open Source functionality in the Xibo CMS from v3.3

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Ad Campaigns


Seamlessly play your ads between your regular digital signage content with the The Xibo SSP connector. Simply tell Xibo how much time you want to make available to the SSP vs your own user content, and the players will automatically start requesting/displaying ads.

Use the SSP connector activity report to see when ad spots are scheduled and when the SSP returns an ad for that spot. Troubleshoot any issues and streamline your advertising. performance.

The Xibo SSP connector is a cost effective way to integrate with programmatic advertising solutions, available for existing Xibo users to purchase* as an add on to selected Xibo players.

Leverage one or multiple SSP’s for per month, per display. Bulk purchase discounts apply for orders of 15 displays or more.

Try the SSP Connector for 3 months for free! The offer will be automatically applied when you purchase the SSP connector. Fair usage policy applies during the 3 month period.

*SSP Onboarding is required prior to purchase. Learn More

SSP Onboarding

SSP Onboarding

The SSP Connector is available to purchase for existing Xibo users with an active, functional and reliable Xibo display network. We also recommend that an audience measurement solution is put in place.

Step 1: Choose one or more SSP’s

Step 2: Begin the SSP onboarding process† by contacting the SSP(s) you want to work with

The first stage of the SSP onboarding process may consist of

  • Discuss your Digital Signage Network with your chosen SSP’s
  • Inventory classification and onboarding
  • Receive your API key from your SSP

Step 3: Purchase the Xibo SSP Connector from My Account and configure it in your Xibo CMS

When you purchase the Xibo SSP Connector, enter the API key provided into your connector via the Xibo CMS. This will expose configuration options for your chosen SSP partner, which will also need to be filled in.

Step 4: Complete the SSP onboarding process

  • Sandbox testing for ad delivery
  • Production certification
  • Go Live!

For more information about the Xibo SSP Connector and configuration, please visit our Administration Manual.

† Please be aware that the SSP Onboarding process make take time and requirements will vary per SSP

Supply Side Platforms (SSPs)

Are you working with an SSP or are an SSP that isn’t listed and want us to integrate? Contact Us



Hivestack is the world’s leading, independent programmatic digital out of home (DOOH) ad tech company today

Contact Hivestack

Place Exchange

Place Exchange

Place Exchange is a programmatic DooH platform focused on professional networks and scaled retail networks, across the Americas and Europe.

Contact Place Exchange



Pladway is the largest programmatically bookable inventory in the Italian DOOH market.

Contact Pladway

Vistar Media

Vistar Media

Vistar powers today’s out-of-home industry with technology that dramatically enhances the buying, selling and management of digital signage media.

Contact Vistar



The dedicated DOOH Supply-Side Platform that connects advertisers with premium inventory.

Contact SSP1

Location Media Xchange (LMX)

Location Media Xchange (LMX)

LMX provides enterprise software solutions for Out-of-Home media owners to grow their revenues and automate their operations.

Contact LMX

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New to Xibo?

New to Xibo?

To make use of the Xibo SSP Connector you will need to have an active, functional and reliable Xibo display network which includes an audience measurement solution.

If you are new to Xibo, experience the benefits of a market leading Digital Signage Solution today by starting your free 14 day trial today.

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Got questions about advertising features of SSPs? Check out top FAQ’s and if you still can’t find what you are looking for contact us.

What version of the Xibo CMS is the Advertising functionality available on?

The Ad Campaigns and SSP Connectors are available from Xibo v3.3.0

The SSP Connector is available on Xibo for Android v3 R307 and Xibo for Windows v3 R306. Updates to Xibo for Tizen and Xibo for webOS to enable the SSP Connector, will be available in a future release.

Xibo’s SSP integration is built into the player which brings improvements in stability, ad delivery, precaching, playback and much more, when compared to a HTML ad container.