Xibo for Linux

Xibo for Linux

Open source, native player for Linux, brought to you by our community.

Available from the Snap Store

Built for Xibo

Built for Xibo

Our community player for enthusiasts!

Connects to the Xibo CMS, Self-Hosted or Cloud hosted, but see our road map for current status before making your choice. Supported by the community, contributions welcome!

Open Source and Free

Open Source and Free

Xibo for Linux is open source released under the AGPLv3 or later licence. Free to use for personal or commercial use!

Simply visit the SNAP store to install.

Get it from the Snap store
Simple, Affordable Plans

Simple, Affordable Plans

Our cost effective Plans include access to Xibo for Linux and are the simplest way to get up and running with Xibo.

Choose from Professional, Business or Enterprise plans, to enjoy all the benefits of a Cloud Hosted Xibo CMS along with the Xibo for Linux player and 5 star rated helpdesk support and service to meet your business needs.

All for as little as * a month.

(*) per display / Professional Plan T&Cs apply.

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Try Before You Buy

Try Before You Buy

We always recommend trying all the great features Xibo has to offer before you buy, and we have options to let you trial what you need to.

If you just want to try out the latest Xibo for Linux player, you can download and install the player from the Snap Store and use it with your self hosted or cloud hosted CMS for free.

If you want to test all Xibo has to offer, you can try our Professional Plan with a Xibo Cloud hosted CMS and Xibo for Linux for FREE for 14 days!

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If you are looking for hardware that’s compatible with the Xibo for Linux player, there are plenty of suggestions in our Community Forum

Xibo for Linux requires a 64 bit Linux distribution supporting the Snapcraft distribution platform. We develop, test and build using Ubuntu. Intel/AMD 64 bit CPU required.

Please make sure you thoroughly test your chosen hardware before making a commitment.

Global Community

Global Community

Our Xibo Community provides a wealth of information as well as a place to engage with other Xibo users.

We also have a comprehensive Knowledge Base so you have all the tools you need to get the most out of Xibo.


Linux Functionality

We’re in the process of adding features to Xibo for Linux to bring the functionality up to the same level as the other players on the platform. Xibo for Linux is currently supported by our Community and Helpdesk Support is not currently included for this player in our Plans.

Our road map is available in GitHub.



Got questions about Xibo for Linux? Check out top FAQ’s and if you still can’t find what you are looking for, visit our Community or Contact Us.

What hardware can Xibo for Linux run on?

We recommend a device with 4GB RAM, and a graphics card well supported by Linux, and an i3 or better CPU.

No, there’s currently no white-labelling products for Xibo for Linux.