Xibo for Android

Xibo for Android

Leverage the power of Android to bring your Xibo network to life.

Unleash the power of Android

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Built for Xibo

Built for Xibo

Xibo for Android is fully compatible with the open source Xibo CMS and can run against a self-hosted CMS or a Xibo Cloud Hosted CMS. It is a native android application, lovingly optimised for stability and performance.

Scheduling, Layouts, Campaigns, Video, Images, RSS, Text, DataSets and much more. Xibo for Android understands the Xibo CMS.

Simple, Affordable Pricing

Simple, Affordable Pricing

Our cost effective Plans include access to Xibo for Android at no extra cost and are the simplest way to get up and running with Xibo.

Choose from Professional, Business or Enterprise plans, to enjoy all the benefits of a Cloud Hosted Xibo CMS along with the Xibo for Android player and 5 star rated helpdesk support and service to meet your business needs.

All for as little as * a month.

(*) per display / Professional Plan T&Cs apply.

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Try Before You Buy

Try Before You Buy

We always recommend trying all the great features Xibo has to offer before you buy, and we have options to let you trial what you need to.

If you want to test all Xibo has to offer, you can try our Professional Plan with a Xibo Cloud hosted CMS and 2 Xibo for Android Players for FREE for 14 days!

If you just want to try out the latest Xibo for Android player, you can download and install the player and use it with your self hosted or cloud hosted CMS for free for 14 days.

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Flexible Licencing Options

We aim to make Xibo accessible for all, and that means making our solution and access to our CMS and players as flexible as possible.

If you’re interested in Cloud hosting alongside your Xibo for Android player, we recommend using one of our cost-effective Plans.

If you’re self hosted and only need a Xibo for Android Perpetual Licence, we’ve got you covered! Our Independent Pricing offers one-time fee licencing options if you’re using a self-hosted CMS .

If you’re self hosted and want to add on a perpetual player licence, you can do this here. Already on a plan and want to add a perpetual licence? Visit My Account

Buy Perpetual Licences

Offline and New Device Options

We want you to have the flexibility to move a licence to a new device if a device is damaged or lost. To provide this service all Xibo for Android installations check with our licence service over the internet every 30 days.

Xibo for Android can also be licensed for usage on a corporate WAN or on local intranets. For £150.00 GBP you can purchase an off-line licence module* that lives on your CMS. This can be used to manually licence your clients and remove the need for the 30 day check.

(*) perpetual licence required for each device in addition to on-premise pack

Excellent Support

Excellent Support

Our simple to use Plans all offer Help Desk support through our highly rated Customer Support team. Need SLA based support? Consider our Business or Enterprise plans.

If you’re stuck we have a comprehensive Troubleshooting guide to help you get the most out of Xibo.

The Help Desk is open 8AM to 4:30PM GMT/ BST.

Compatible with your Hardware

Compatible with your Hardware

Reduce your total cost of ownership with a Player running on Android. Using Xibo on Android means you are only paying a licence fee for the Xibo Player and not for the device operating system. This usually means you can run on comparable hardware at a lower cost.

The DSCS9X and DSCS95, by DSDevices, have been built and fine-tuned for Xibo for Android and is our recommended hardware. It comes complete Xibo pre-installed, to make set up even easier. Worldwide shipping available.

Xibo for Android runs on most devices running Android 7 or higher. See our Recommended Hardware guidelines.

Make it your own

Make it your own

White label Xibo for Android with your own branding for per brand. Pick an application name, upload an icon / splash screen and update your about text.

With Xibo, our company has entered a new segment of the market.

Fit Solutions improves customer experience with Xibo Signage and DSDevices

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Add Webkey

Manage your digital signage network remotely with Webkey

Add Webkey Video Play

Webkey offers full remote management of compatible Android devices such as the DSCS9, DSCS95 and DSCS9X.

Use referral key XIBO5 for 5% off your subscription.

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Got questions about Xibo for Android? Check out top FAQ’s and if you still can’t find what you are looking for, visit our Community or Contact Us.

Why does Xibo for Android need to be licenced?

Xibo for Android is a closed-source, commercial product. This means that it needs to be licenced to function.

Every Xibo for Android Player needs its own, dedicated licence. For example, if you want to deploy 25 Android Players, you’ll need to purchase 25 licences. Our Plans come with Xibo for Android licenses included, so if you’re on a Plan, you don’t need to purchase licenses separately.

Xibo for Android Players will check in with our licencing server every 30 days over HTTP to check that its licence is valid. For more information on this, please refer to our documentation.

Licences for our Android Player are not tied to one device. This means that if there’s an issue with your existing Android hardware and you purchase a new device, you can install the Android Player on there and transfer the licence to it.