Troubleshooting for Administrators

Troubleshooting for Administrators

This Troubleshooting section is intended to provide technical support for Administrators of the Xibo system. The Administration Documentation provides detailed information with regards to installation and configuration of the Xibo system, which we would advise Administrators to be familiar with before seeking further resolutions.

Audit Log

The CMS has a dedicated page to view User and System Task activity within areas of the CMS. Use the left hand menu and select Audit Trail to find out more.

CMS error log

The CMS has a central “error log” which collects messages from all components in the platform - CMS, Players, API, Maintenance, etc and so is a valuable resource when investigating issues.

CMS logging can be provided from the Report Fault page located under the Advanced section of the main menu.

Click on Start to be taken through the fault wizard which will guide you through the steps to collect and download a file.

Take a look at our How to record logs for a CMS issue using Report Fault guide.

Providing relevant information from the error log is often the key to a support representative finding the solution to any problems!


Raw Logs

Raw logs can be viewed in the CMS by clicking on Log under the Advanced section of the main menu.

See Xibo Log Information for further information!

Xibo Community Forum

With an extensive archive of thousands of questions already answered, the Xibo Community is a great starting place.

Questions posted in the community are answered by community members as well as our expert team.

Join our community and create your own posts to ask new questions or offer your own support on existing threads and get nominated into our Xibo Hall of Fame!

Contact us:

Our Help Desk is open 24/7 for new tickets and is monitored by our support agents Monday - Friday, 8 AM to 4.30PM (GMT/BST).

Open a new Ticket via My Account providing the following information:

  1. The version of the software that you are using.
  2. Description of the issue you are experiencing.
  3. Detailed steps so that the issue can be recreated by our team.
  4. Download a troubleshoot zip file from the CMS central ‘error log ’ and attach to your support ticket.
  5. Provide a screenshot of the Player Status page.