Restart Rooted Device with a Shell Command

Restart Rooted Device with a Shell Command

On occasion, it may be required to restart your Android device. If you don’t have a direct access to the device itself it’s possible to do this remotely via a Shell Command.

To use Shell Commands you need to have a rooted Android device. Further details can be found here: Rooting a Device.

Commands can be created to be executed via XMR in a Schedule or included in a Scheduled Layout.

Create a Command record to allow for a command to be used across Display Profiles, Scheduled Events and the Shell Command Module.

For further details on commands please see the Command Functionality page!

Restart your device with a Reboot Shell Command

Create a Command to Schedule to devices.

  • Select Commands under the Displays section of the main CMS menu.
  • Click Add Command.
  • Give the Command a name Reboot.
  • Enter REBOOT as the reference code.
  • Use the drop down to select Free Text for Command and enter reboot as the Command String.
  • From the Available on field select Android.
  • Save.

  • Next, select Schedule from the main CMS menu.
  • Click Add Event.
  • Give your Event a Name.
  • Use the Event Type drop down and select Command.
  • Select the Displays this Command should be applied to.
  • Select a Start Time the Command should be actioned.
  • Use the drop down to select the created Reboot command from the list.

  • Using the Repeats tab, you can set the Event to repeat as required:

  • Save.

Restart your device with the Shell Command Widget

The Shell Command Module can also be used to instruct the Player device to execute a Command outside of the Xibo environment, using the operating system shell. Commands are executed when the Shell Command Widget is added to a dedicated Layout and Scheduled.