Restart Rooted Device with a Shell Command

Restart Rooted Device with a Shell Command

On occasion, it may be required to restart your Android device. If you don’t have a direct access to the device itself it’s possible to do this remotely via a shell command.

Commands can be created to be executed via XMR in a Schedule or included in a Layout. Create a Command record to allow for a command to be used across Display Profiles, Scheduled Events and the Shell Command Module. For further information please see the Command Functionality page.

The Shell Command Module can be used to instruct the Player device to execute a Command outside of the Xibo environment, using the operating system shell. Commands are executed when the Shell Command Widget is included to a Region Timeline to be shown on a Layout. Layouts can then be Scheduled in order to execute Shell Commands at specific times.

To use Shell Commands you need to have a rooted Android device. Further details can be found here: Rooting a Device.

Restart your device with the Shell Command Widget

In order to use Shell Commands for restarting a device remotely you will need to create a dedicated Layout with:

  • A “Restarting…” text message in one Region.
  • A second Region containing a Shell Command with the Linux Command set to “reboot”.