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Menu not accessible

The Action bar is hidden making it impossible to open the Settings Menu on the Android device.

Possible Cause - Action Bar Mode - Timed Hide

If the Timed Hide value is set too low it may not be possible to access the Settings menu to correct it


Xibo 1.7 and later CMS version - this setting can be adjusted in Display Setting Profiles.

For earlier versions you will have to reinstall the application.

Possible Cause - 3rd Party Launchers

Some 3rd party launchers prevent the Action bar from displaying correctly and will display for a second then disappear regardless of the Timed Hide setting.


Switch to the standard Android launcher

Alternative Solutions:

Keyboard Workaround

On some devices there is a keyboard button (on the bottom row and it’s symbol looks a bit like a list). Once pressed this button provides a couple of options including those that should be on the Action Bar Menu. keep this button pressed to bring up the full top bar to gain access.

Hiding the bottom bar

Some devices have the ability to “hide” the bottom navigation bar by either clicking a down arrow on the bar or by setting it to automatically hide in settings. This action will also hide the Xibo Action Bar. On most devices the navigation can be re-enabled by dragging upwards from the bottom of the screen with a mouse or remote.

Options available from R206

Connect a keyboard and use the following options:

i - To access the Status Logs

c - to access the ‘Connect to CMS’ page

s - to access the Settings menu