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White Labelling

Present your own corporate branding by replacing the standard Xibo application, logo and splash screen.

Pricing is a one time charge per brand with no limits, additional white label purchases can be made to cater for multiple branding requirements!

White labelling services are available for both Cloud and self hosted solutions and can be applied to the Xibo CMS and Xibo Player applications.

Please note: White Labelling is currently not available for the Linux Player.

A white label for Xibo for Windows or the Xibo CMS does not change the license under which those products are licensed to you. You must retain the appropriate copyright notices and satisfy all the terms of the AGPLv3 license: GNU Affero General Public License version 3 | Open Source Initiative

A white label for Xibo for webOS, Xibo for Tizen or Xibo for Android is licensed to you under the general terms and conditions and the EULA - https://xibo.org.uk/term

CMS White Label

The CMS white label provided by Xibo Signage includes:

  • Source Code link on the login page
  • About Link pointing to the AGPLv3 licence
  • Copyright and Licence notices on the About Popup

Remove Source and About links

A white label can be generated for the CMS which removes the Source and About links from the login page and also alters the text that appears within the About page throughout the CMS.

Removal of these items does not release the customer or end users from the terms of the AGPLv3 licence and therefore the licence must be satisfied by the customer via alternative means.

To enable this, the customer is required to open a Ticket with our helpdesk via My Account to request a document template for the Alternative Provision of Licence for you to complete which will explain how the licence terms will be met with the absence of those items.

There are 3 main points to consider, this is not an exhaustive list and the AGPLv3 should be read and understood in full before submitting a request for these items to be removed:

  • The source code or offer of source code must be distributed to your users by another means.
  • The source code copyright and licence notifications must not be modified from their original appearance in the source code.
  • The licence must be distributed to your users by another means.

The options can only be enabled once we agree that the requirements are fully satisfied.

White Labels are purchased, from the White Label section of My Account

If you are purchasing a White Label to resell you need to be part of the Channel Partner Network