Display won’t connect a CMS secured with a self-signed certificate

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Display won’t connect a CMS secured with a self-signed certificate

If you have an on-premise CMS that uses a self-signed SSL certificate, you may see that your connection is being rejected. This is because the webOS Display will not accept self-signed certificates.

To resolve this you will need to import the public portion of the self-signed certificate in use by your CMS into the screen so that the certificate becomes trusted.

C and D series models only support importing self-signed certificates to be trusted. Later models (for example E series) support the import of a root CA certificate into the Trust Store which means you can use certificates signed by a central CA for your organisation.

To import your certificate you need to have it in X.509 (PEM) format, and you’ll need a USB stick to load it on to.

On your USB stick, create a folder and a subfolder named LG_MONITOR/CERTIFICATE and put the CRT file into that subfolder to ensure that the webOS can “see” it. Connect the USB stick to your webOS device.

From the TV menu, go to SI Server Settings, then Self-Signed Certificates, and you should be able to select your certificate to import from the USB stick.

If at all possible, use publicly recognised SSL certificate authorities which webOS already trusts to sign your certificates, as it removes the need to configure any trust on the TV.