Error shown when I try to licence my Player?

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Error shown when I try to licence my Player?


When I try to licence my commercial Player I am getting an error message?

“Sorry your trial licence has expired and we did not find your licence pool email address in our systems or no licences were available. Please check your email address and that the date and time on your device are correct before trying again.
If you need to purchase a licence please contact your service provider.”

Possible Cause:

You may have already used all of your available Licenses.


Login to My Account and click on Perpetual Licences. All licence information is displayed here so you can easily see the details of each Licence Pool and Licensed Devices. Ensure you have enough licenses for the amount of Displays you wish to deploy. You may need to purchase further licenses or un-licence a device.

Possible Cause:

The Licence version may not be compatible with your Player version.

For example you may have recently purchased a licence which by default will be the latest version, but your Player version is 1.7


Ensure that any available licenses are suitable for the Player version you wish to licence. Please see the section on Upgrading Player Licenses

Further checks:

If you have confirmed you have licenses available and they are compatible with your Player version, please check the following:

Ensure that the date and time are set correctly on your device

Check to see if you are able to use the device browser to reach any website

If these checks prove to be correct then please open a Ticket via My Account and provide a screenshot of the status screen for your Player, as detailed here: Getting the Player Status