Tizen Display Profile Settings

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Tizen Display Profile Settings

Please note: If you are using a v1.8.13 CMS, please use the following link: Tizen Display Profile Settings 1.8.13.

Settings for the Xibo for Tizen Player and the monitor itself can be controlled in the CMS. This can be achieved via Tizen Display Profile settings or by Commands sent directly to the Display.

This page will explain what settings can be set on the Tizen Display Profile.

  • Navigate to the Display Settings page under the Displays section of the CMS main menu
  • Use the row menu to Edit your Tizen Display Profile.

This section will focus on three important tabs on the Edit form, On/Off Timers, Picture Settings and Lock Settings .

On/Off Timers

  • Configure to switch the Tizen monitor on/off at specific times on specified days using the form fields.

Please note : It is not possible to have multiple On/Off timings per day with TV timings only supported for one On and one Off per day.

When the monitor is "Off", it will not be able to receive content/schedule updates!

Picture Settings

  • Control various monitor settings such as backlight, contrast, brightness etc using the form fields.
  • Click on the monitor setting and use the slider to set the range you require.

Lock Settings

Control osdlock by selecting true or false values with the form fields.

  • osdlock - set access to the monitor settings via the remote control.

Keylock settings allow the User to completely block key input on the remote and/or the monitor itself.

Please note: Keylock settings are supported from R201/R107

  • Keylock (local) - set permitted key input for the monitor; Allow All or Block All.
  • Keylock (remote) - set permitted key input for the remote; Allow All or Block All.

It is also possible to send osdlock with true or false values via a Display Command

It is important to note that settings applied to a Display Profile will override individually sent Commands at some future point (most likely at the next collection interval) when the Display will revert to the original setting as specified in the Display Profile.