Banana-Pi and external SD cards

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Banana-Pi and external SD cards

Xibo for Android doesn’t list your external SD card when running Banana-Pi.

This is a problem with Banana-Pi and the way it mounts the SD card. Instead of mounting to /mnt/sdcard it mounts to a cryptic sub folder of the “/mnt/extsd” path. (For example “/mnt/extsd/179-1/”). Xibo cannot find this sub folder and therefore does not offer it as an option for the external storage location.


Resolving this problem requires some modifications to a system file on the Banana-Pi device. Modifying system files can be harmful if done incorrectly and we recommend referring to the original article source if there are any doubts over the changes required.

The resolution is a modification to the “vold.fstab” file which can be found in /etc/.
There is a line in this file which begins with “dev_mount sdcard” and ends with “2”. The 2 needs to be replaced with a 0.
After rebooting the device the /mnt/extsd partition will be lost and appear in /sdcard


The source for this article can be found here: