Tizen Players without an Internet Connection

Tizen Players without an Internet Connection

Xibo for Tizen Players are fully capable of offline playback of content, but please be aware of the following:

Xibo Content Management System

The amount of content that the Players will cache into the future is determined by settings defined in the Xibo CMS.

These are configured by your Xibo CMS administrator from the Settings page under the Administration section of the CMS main menu.

In particular the Send files in advance? setting on the General tab, determines how many seconds in to the future the calls to RequiredFiles should look - by default this is set to 2 days.

The Player will require an internet connection in the first instance to get connected to the Xibo CMS, submit its registration information and download the schedule.

Licensing with Xibo Signage

Xibo for Tizen will require a valid internet connection to check its licence information after the 14 day trial period and once every 30 days thereafter. If this period lapses the Player will stop downloading new content from the Xibo CMS and continue to play the cached content.

Please see On-Premise Licensing for Players that will not have reliable internet access, or those that will run permanently disconnected from the internet.