Upgrading Xibo for Android

Upgrading Xibo for Android

The latest APK version of Xibo for Android can be downloaded from the Downloads page.

Please note: Remote upgrades are available from v3 R301 and later for Philips Signage SoC Monitors that are running Android 8 or later. For v2 Players, Philips Signage SoC Monitors can be remotely upgraded from v2 R217.

White Label customers

The latest APK can be built and downloaded from My Account. All White Label builds are initially set to “Latest” and are rebuilt automatically on the day of release, ready for download.

Please note: If you have set a specific version you will need to manually choose the new release and then run the build!

Download, Upload and Install

Download the new APK version and upload it to your CMS. Please follow the appropriate instructions from the table below for the appropriate CMS version:

CMS Version Upgrade Instructions
CMS v4 and later Click here
CMS v3 and later Click here
CMS v2 and later Click here
CMS v1.8.12 - 1.8.13 Click here
CMS v1.8.11 and earlier Click here

Please note: From 1.8.12 if you have different models of Player that need different Player Versions on the same CMS you will need to create a Display Profile for each Player type. This can be easily done by using the Display Profile Copy button on the Display Settings page.

DSCS9 Android 6.0.1 to Android 7.1.2 Device Upgrade and Reinstalling firmware

All DSCS9 Android Devices purchased from Xibo Signage can be upgraded.

DSCS9 Android upgrade - 7.1.2 Upgrade/Reinstall Firmware Instructions
Upgrade via microSD card Click here
Upgrade via USB cable Click here

A small number of DSCS9s sold several years ago are not compatible with Android 7. To check your device, look at the device with the STATUS and NET LED lights towards you, and the antenna for the wifi on the far side away from you and to the right.

If the two USB-A ports are to the right as you look at it, the device can be upgraded to Android 7. If they’re on the left then unfortunately the device cannot be upgraded to Android 7. Do not try to upgrade a device with USB ports on the left.


DSCS9X Android 9.0 Device Upgrade and Reinstalling firmware

DSCS9X Android firmware - 9.0 Upgrade/Reinstall Firmware Instructions
Upgrade via OTA zip file Click here
Firmware Reflash USB-USB Click here