Tizen Firmware Guide

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Tizen Firmware Guide

When using the Xibo for Tizen player it is important to make sure your Samsung devices are running the latest firmware, to ensure that all security and performance improvements are up to date. You can check the recommended firmware version of your Samsung device by going to this link.

How to check the currently installed firmware version.

To access the Firmware information for a monitor:

  • Press the Menu button on your remote control and select the Support option.
  • You will see that highlighting the Software Update option reveals the firmware version.

  • For a more detailed breakdown of the Firmware version running, follow the above steps, then choose Contact Samsung. You will see the full firmware version details under the Software Version entry on that page.

How to upgrade your Firmware.

  • When the firmware is first downloaded, it is likely to be in .zip or .alz format. First you will need to extract the firmware folder using 7zip or ALzip depending on the format of the file.
  • This will extract a folder with the same name as the firmware. You will need to remove that folder and retain the folder named image, which will contain your firmware file.
  • Save the folder named image to the root directory of a USB storage device.
  • Connect the USB to your Samsung monitor and press the Home button on your remote control. Go to the Support option.
  • Select the Software Update to begin the installation of your new firmware. You will receive confirmation when it has been installed.

How to downgrade your firmware.

It may be necessary on occasion to revert to an older firmware version. If you find yourself in this situation, please contact open a ticket with the help desk for further support.