Xibo SSP Connector

Xibo SSP Connector

The Xibo SSP Connector is an add-on service from Xibo Signage which enables integration to a variety of supported DooH (Digital out of Home) Supply Side Platforms (SSP’s) to monetise an established Xibo network.

IMPORTANT: This service is available from v3.3.0 and is for existing customers who have already got a reliable and functional Xibo network which includes an audience measurement solution. The SSP onboarding process can be a lengthy process and consists of stages that need to be addressed prior to the purchase of the Xibo SSP Connector. Customers should only commit to a purchase from Xibo Signage once they get to the ‘sandbox testing’ stage of their SSP’s on-boarding process.

Further information about the on-boarding process and a list of Supported SSP’s can be found on our website

  • SSP Connector
  • Available from CMS: 3.3
  • R307
  • R306
  • SSP Connector 3.3
  • Cloud: API Key Required
  • R307
  • R306

Once purchased, an API key will be made available in the Connectors section of My Account. This key is required to Configure the SSP Connector in the Xibo CMS.

Reference ID’s for Displays

During the on-boarding process you will either be asked to provide ID’s or given ID’s unique to the SSP software. If asked for ID’s the displayId should be used with no further configuration required for Displays in the CMS.

SSP’s often use unique ID’s in their software so in the event that you are provided with ID’s they can be entered by editing Displays using the Reference /Custom ID fields from the Reference tab.

Configure SSP Connector

From the CMS:

  • Click on Applications under the Administration section of the main menu.
  • Scroll down to the Connectors section of the page.
  • Click the Configure button for the Xibo SSP Connector:

  • Enter the API Key available in My Account after purchase.
  • Include your CMS URL your Players will use to connect.

Please note: Players require HTTP access to https://exchange.xibo-adspace.com in order to receive ad’s from SSP’s.

  • Tick to Enable to initiate the Xibo SSP Connector service.

Next select the tab for your chosen SSP or opt to use the Test SSP tab which can be used to check settings with Xibo related ad’s shown on your Displays.

  • Provide the API Key for the SSP.

If you are asked to run a test by the SSP as part of the approval service, tick the Test Mode check box to send requests into the specific SSP’s test environment.

  • Configure a Share of Voice in seconds or as a percentage.

NOTE: Xibo will not show SSP adverts alongside or in the middle of other content. Ads will only be played between your scheduled Layouts with any Overlay Layouts hidden during playback. For this reason is it important to note that the Xibo SSP Connector is not suitable for Users who have scheduled Layouts with durations longer than 5 minutes.

  • Provide the expected total Duration of each ad served by the SSP.
  • Include a Minimum Duration for each ad.
  • Include a Maximum Duration for each ad.
  • Use the drop down to specify the Type of ad to be served, Images and Videos, Images only, Videos only.
  • Select the Display Group to use. Leave this field blank to select all Displays.
  • Use the drop down menu to select the ID to use for the SSP. (Please see the Reference ID’s for Display/Display Groups section above)
  • Click to Save.

Once all information has been provided and Display/Display Groups have been correctly configured tick the Enabled? button at the top of the form to confirm the connection to the SSP for Players to start requesting ads from the enabled SSP’s:

Test SSP tab

The Test SSP tab is a useful tool to see how the information you provide, Share of Voice for example, is then calculated to give you X number of plays.

Test your existing inventory and see a sample of Xibo Advertisements play on your screens allowing you to make adjustments to the SSP Configuration if required to achieve your desired play time.

We would recommend creating a “test” Display Group to initially target!

The following ad’s will be shown on your Displays based on the display orientation when utilising the Test SSP:





SSP Widget

For Users with complex Playlist schedule loops or video wall configurations an SSP Widget is available to add to Layouts.

NOTE: The SSP Widget can only be used for SSP providers that support its functionality.

Add the SSP Widget to your Layout and optionally select the Partner to use from the properties panel. If there is an Ad available at time of play it will be converted to an Image/Video Widget.

Activity Report

Once enabled and connected to a Partner you will see an additional button for the Xibo SSP Connector for Activity Report:

Use the Activity Report to see when ad spots have been scheduled and when the SSP returns an ad for that spot:

Returned results can be printed or exported to a CSV.

The Activity Report is a great tool for troubleshooting with activity summaries and error codes available to view:

Code Error
200 Creative type not supported
202 Creative duration not supported
203 Creative dimensions invalid (wrong aspect ratio)
302 Maximum number of hops exceeded requesting an ad
303 No ad returned from SSP
401 The creative has not been downloaded yet
408 Outside geofence

Partner Notes

Vistar Media

When entering the API Key for Vistar Media please ensure you use the following format: network_id||api_key