Can I use Portrait Displays?

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Can I use Portrait Displays?

Xibo for Android can control rotation on your device but only if the device supports screen rotation.

Many set top box style Android devices don’t allow screen rotation and so Xibo for Android can’t support it on those devices.

Our Recommended Hardware both the DSCS9X and DSCS9 support screen rotation.

  • Log in to your CMS and click on Display Settings under the Display section of the main menu.
  • Use the row menu for the Android Profile you are using for your device and select Edit:

  • Select the Location tab.
  • Use the Orientation drop down menu and select Portrait

  • Click to Save
  • Restart your Player

If you are using an older DSCS9 device and find that after making the above changes in the CMS and restarting your Player the orientation has not changed, you will need to apply some Orientation Settings to your DSCS9 device.

If your device is not rotating the screen as you would expect, first make sure you have selected portrait in the Player settings and secondly make sure that your device manufacturer has allowed portrait support in their firmware.