Xibo Audience Reporting Connector

Xibo Audience Reporting Connector

The Xibo Audience Reporting Connector is an add-on service from Xibo Signage which gives enhanced reporting capabilities which include audience data, impressions, and map views of mobile proof of play as well as the ability to add DMAs (Designated Market Areas) to apply to active Ad Campaigns.

NOTE: This service is available from CMS v3.3.2

Once purchased, an API key will be made available in the Connectors section of My Account. This key is required to configure the Xibo Audience Reporting Connector in the Xibo CMS.

Configure Audience Reporting Connector

From the CMS:

  • Click on Applications under the Administration section of the main menu.
  • Scroll down to the Connectors section of the page.
  • Click the Configure button for the Xibo Audience Reporting Connector.

  • Enter the API Key available in My Account after purchase.

The entered API Key allows for a secure communication between the CMS and Xibo Audience Reporting service to analyse proof of play data for Ad Campaigns (plays per hour, day, week, month, year per Display) and retrieve reports.

  • Tick to Enable and initiate the Xibo Audience Reporting Connector service.

  • Click to Save.

Once enabled the connector will look for any active Ad Campaigns to report on!


The Xibo Audience Reporting Connector allows for the creation of a DMA (Designated Market Area) to define a time period or location where you can adjust Cost per Play/Impressions per Play to apply to any Plays for active Ad Campaigns which occur within the set time frame or area.

  • Click on the Configure button for the Xibo Audience Reporting Connector.
  • Select the Add DMA button at the top of the form:

  • Give the DMA an identifiable Name to be used in the CMS.
  • Set a Priority to tell the Connector which DMA should take precedence when multiple DMAs may apply. (The higher the number the higher the priority).
  • Use the drop down menu to select the Display Group to apply the DMA to or leave blank to apply to all Displays.
  • Next set a Cost per Play/Impressions per Play to apply to this DMA to differ from the Cost per Play/Impressions per Play set on the Display itself.

Select the Date/Time Tab:

  • Set an overall Start and End Date or leave blank for this DMA to always be active.
  • Click to set Days of the Week for this DMA to be active.
  • Select Start and End Times or leave blank to be always active.

For mobile displays:

  • Select the Geofence tab to draw areas on the map to restrict the DMA to be active only in the set geofenced areas.

You can have multiple areas defined on the same map!

  • Click to Save the configuration.

Once saved, any active Ad Campaign progress will be kept updated to reflect applicable DMAs!


Additional Reports are available from All Reports under the Reporting section of the main CMS menu.

Scroll down the page to view available Connector Reports: