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Audit Trail CMS

The CMS provides an Audit Log which records User and System Task activity within certain parts of the CMS.

Audit Log information available for Xibo in the Cloud customers is limited to 30 days.

The log can be found by clicking on Audit Trail under the Advanced section of the CMS main menu.

Each column provides information that can be used to track / investigate changes made:

  • ID - This column shows the generated identification number for the record.

  • Date - Gives the date and timestamp to show when the action occurred.

  • User - This column shows who initiated the action. When the action has occurred as a result of a System Task, the username will show as blank.

  • Entity - Name of the type of object affected by the action.

  • Entity ID - The identification number of the affected object.

  • Message - Shows what action has occurred.

  • Object - Expand to see a breakdown which will give further details as to what has been actioned.

Looking at the above example you can see that an Image Widget was added to a Layout on the 21st of January at 16:10 hrs by user ‘v2training’

From v3.0.0 CMS, Settings and Display Profile have been added as additional Object types to view. Layouts and Campaigns display Name instead of ID. Additionally when edits to Media are logged, the Media name/type and filename will be shown to make it easier to identify the deleted Media!