Upgrading Players

Upgrading Players

There are two types of upgrades available for Xibo Players:

1. Upgrading to a new Minor Version

When we have fixed bugs or implemented improvements to the Player software we release a new minor version.

2. Upgrading to a new Major Version

The release of a new version (3.x - 4.x) is a major upgrade and brings with it new advancements of functionality.

All releases are announced and made available via our Blog

Upgrading Commercial Xibo Players

Customers on a Plan

Both Major and Minor upgrades for Xibo for Android and optionally Xibo for webOS and Xibo for Tizen are included in Plans

Please select the Upgrade Instructions for your Player type.

Customers with Independent Pricing

Minor version upgrades are included at no extra cost for the specific software licence version purchased.

Major version upgrades are available for an additional fee from My Account. Once purchased you will need to upgrade your Players so that they will automatically migrate between Licence Pool versions and consume upgrade licences as necessary.

Please note: Licences are available for purchase at the ‘latest version’ and are automatically downgraded 1 previous major version if required. This results in an upgrade licence being issued which can be used for upgrading in the future. Available Upgrade Licenses can be viewed in My Account.

If you encounter any issues with Upgrading your Player then please do open a new Ticket.

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