Automating CMS Credentials for the webOS Player

Automating CMS Credentials for the webOS Player

From version R205, Xibo for webOS supports the automation of entering credentials for your CMS and Licence Pool. Once configured, you will be able to connect a USB to your monitor which will provide the credentials for your CMS once the Player is started.

Please note: This functionality is supported on all models listed in the Supported monitor list. If you encounter an issue with this functionality, please open a ticket via My Account!

Create JSON file

You will need to create a JSON file, named cms_settings.json, that will contain the credentials you want to pass to the monitor.

Below is the correct format for that JSON file:


If you do not have a License Pool when installing your player, you can leave the CMSEmail entry empty, with just the “”

USB Setup

When you have created a JSON file containing your CMS credentials, you will need to create the following directory path on your USB stick.

The cms_settings.json must be saved to the content folder:

[USB Root]:\procentric\scap\application\content\

Automate your credentials

Once you have completed the Installation for the Xibo for webOS player, you will need to restart the Player to complete the setup. If you have not inserted your USB, please do so at this point. When the monitor restarts, the Player will also start automatically after a short period.

You will see that the credentials for your CMS are automatically entered into the Connect to CMS page.

Please note that the Player will automatically check for these credentials as long as the CMS address and CMS Key fields are empty!