Running Xibo for Android

Running Xibo for Android

Xibo for Android is designed to run 24/7 without any additional User Input. Therefore the application makes every effort to hide non-essential user navigational controls, such as the Action Bar and Navigation Bar. For most of the time we hope you do not have to interact with Xibo for Android.

Should a situation arise where you need to interact, perhaps to check on the status or make some configuration adjustments, the Action and Navigation bars will come back at a touch or cursor movement.


Xibo for Android uses a menu system that should be familiar to all Android users. The menu is accessible using the 3 stacked dots in the top right corner of the display.

The most common menu items have been exposed by default:

Hide Hide the Action Bar immediately (do not wait for the hide delay duration)

Status Access the Status Dialogue.

Settings Access the settings page.

Check Licence Allows manual confirmation of the software licence.

About Shows the about window.

Status Window

The status window is used to determine what the Player is doing - in real time. The primary use case for this is troubleshooting when Xibo for Android is doing something you do not expect.

If you have asked for support it is quite likely that the support representative will ask you for a screen shot of this status window!

The information presented is split into 4 areas:

General Information

This section contains general configuration information and gives you the opportunity to see if the settings are correct. In particular the Licensed and Registered Status are important.

  • Licensed This flag shows whether the software is currently licenced or not. Possible values are “true (trial), true (FULL) and false”. If the display is not licenced it will no longer download new content from the connected CMS.
  • Registered This flag shows whether the display is registered with the CMS it is connected to. If not registered the display will not be able to download any new content or schedules.

CMS Status

The CMS status lists out the result of the last communication with the CMS. There are 3 messages transferred every collection interval (default 5 minutes) and all 3 should not have an error.

Schedule Status

The schedule status shows the current schedule on the device and the state of each layout.

All Layouts Layouts that are downloaded but not necessarily currently in the schedule (for example a default layout will be downloaded, but may not be shown if there are other layouts scheduled).

Scheduled Layouts Layouts currently in the schedule will be listed.

Valid Layouts Layouts will be valid once all of their resources are downloaded.

Invalid Layouts Layouts with missing resources or blacklisted content will be invalid and removed from the schedule.

Blacklist If a media item is successfully downloaded and Xibo thinks it should play - but it doesn’t, under some circumstances it will be temporarily blacklisted. A good example is a video that has an unsupported codec.

Log Messages Xibo for Android will list out the last 5 log messages recorded.

This information might be requested by a support representative during Troubleshooting!

About Window

The About window shows the application version and EULA.

Closing Xibo

Please use the “Home” button on the navigation bar to close the Xibo for Android application.