Purchasing for your Customers

Purchasing for your Customers

Reselling of Xibo is only available to companies who have entered in to one of our Channel Partner programmes.


Distributors are required to make a child company for each company they wish to sell to and then switch to the child company to purchase products/Plans for that particular account.

White Label Reseller

Each company can only have one Plan so if the requirement is for customers to have different renewal dates or have different types of Plan, you will need to create a child company to facilitate that.

Creating a Child Company in My Account

From Billing click on the Resell Customers tab:

Click the Add New Company button:

Complete the form fields to create the Child Company record for your customer, and click to Save.

The saved record will show under the Companies section.

Use the buttons at the end of a row for a Company to Load or Edit the Company record.

Purchasing products/Plans for your Customer

Use the drop down menu at the top of My Account to select the Child Company from the list:

You can also Load the company using the button at the end of the Company record!

  • Once switched to the company account, proceed to select the products according to their needs.

  • Proceed to purchasing and submit payment.

Billing notifications are always sent to the main Company contacts and not the Child Company!

Customer access to My Account

If you want your customer to have access to their product details through My Account, please go to Tickets and submit a request, include your customers email address and they name of the Company they should be added to.