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Sony Bravia SoC

Sony Bravia TVs running Android are capable of running Xibo in Landscape orientation.

Sony are working on a solution for portrait mode, more information will be made available when known.


Side load Xibo

Download the latest Xibo for Android player APK from the website downloads section and copy it to the root folder of a USB stick.

Enter Pro Settings Mode and plug in the USB stick.

Navigate to Pro Settings → Install API and select the APK on your USB stick. [Source]

You can open Xibo while in pro settings mode and connect to your CMS using our installation guide. If you miss opening Xibo during the install process, please enable in pro mode first (below) and then start pro mode.

Xibo will appear in “Apps” when in Pro Mode and can be opened from there.

Enable in Pro Mode

Navigate to Pro Settings → Apps select for Xibo to be enabled in Pro mode. [Source].

Power ON/OFF/Restart

Xibo supports Power ON/OFF and Restart via a combination of options you can enable in Pro Settings.

Power control by apps

Navigate to Pro Settings → Developer and turn on “Power state control by apps”. [Source]

Simple IP control

In Pro Settings Mode, navigate to Settings → Network and Internet → Remote device settings → Control remotely → Enable

Video In

Xibo supports Video In on the Sony Bravia using our core Video In widget. If you are using HDMI make sure you choose the first port.

TV modes

Sony Bravia TV’s have 3 modes:

  • Normal
  • Pro
  • Pro Settings

We recommend running all signage installations in Pro mode.

All configuration should be done in Pro Settings mode.

Enter Pro Settings mode

Using your remote control, press the following 4 buttons one at a time in sequence:

  • i+
  • mute
  • vol+
  • home

Wait a few seconds and your TV will restart into Pro Settings Mode.

Known limitations

There are a number of limitations to consider before choosing to run Xibo with Sony Bravia SoC.

Portrait orientation

Android TV only supports landscape mode because it is designed primarily for consumer TVs. It is not possible to rotate Xibo to portrait on a Sony Bravia. Sony are working on a solution to this.

Gapless video playback

In order to play one video after another without a black frame between them it is necessary for the device to be able to decode more than one video at the same time. This is not currently possible on Sony Bravia.

Remote upgrade

It is not currently possible to remotely upgrade Xibo on a Sony Bravia. Xibo are working on a solution for this.


When using a 4k panel, the user interface elements, images and web content are displayed in 1080p and upscaled to 4k. Video content is run natively in 4k.

Xibo will show the Display resolution as 1920x1080 in the display management page.