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Philips Signage SoC Monitors

Updated October 2022

Philips have a broad range of signage solutions, many of which are compatible with the Xibo for Android Player. To help those looking for a System on Chip (SoC) solution on Android we have listed the models that meet the requirements for Xibo.

Please note: The links provided are from the Philips Signage’s official website and should be used for information purposes only. Some of the listed models may only be available in selected countries. Please contact Philips for more information on the options available in your region.

We would recommend thoroughly testing the Xibo player on your chosen display before proceeding to deploy to a production environment. It is also important to set the displays to reboot every 24 hours.

Android Version 4

Please note that LetsEncrypt (a popular provider of SSL certificates) have new root certification, which isn’t included in the Android 4 models. For this reason, these models are supported for older releases, but would not be recommended for new deployments.

32/43/49/55/65 BDL4050D
43/55 BDL4051T
10/65 BDL3051T(Discontinued)

Android Version 5

49/50/55/65/75/86 BDL3050Q
65 BDL3052T
42/49/55 BDL5055P
42/49/55 BDL5057P

Android Version 7

For Philips monitors running Android 7 or later, we would recommend running player version R207 or later, as this includes improvements for retrieving required information from the monitor, including the MAC address of the unit.

32/43/49/55 BDL4051D
49/55/65/75/86/98 BDL4150D
75 BDL3151T
10/24 BDL4151T


Philips also offers the CRD50, an Open Pluggable Specification (OPS) device, running Android 7. This device works as a full SoC solution, which can be installed into various devices that have a compatible OPS slot. You can download the documentation for this device from here.

Some models that have the OPS slot for the CRD50 include:

55 BDL3002H
75 BDL3003H
55 BDL3102H
55 BDL3202H

Information to note regarding Android 8 and later models.

Please note: Android 8 models only support playing a single video at a time. This also means that Android 8 models do not support gapless video playback. Please ensure that you switch off the Use Multiple Decoders option in the Profile Settings for your player. For further information or if you require support updating the Profile Settings, please contact the support team on the helpdesk.

When running an Android 8 or later model please install Xibo for Android R301 or later and use a connected keyboard to access player options from the Action bar menu. R301 onwards also support remote player upgrades from the CMS. If you require a version 2 player for your Android 8 Philips displays, please contact us on the help desk.

Android 8

32/43/50/55/66/75/86 BDL3550Q
32/43/50/55/66/75/86/98 BDL4550D

The Android 8 models support playing a single video at a time. This means that these models also do not support gapless video playback. You will need to switch off the Use Multiple Decoders option in the Profile Settings for your player. For more information or support changing that setting, please contact the support team on the helpdesk.

Android 9

65/75/86 BDL3552T
50/58/65/70/75 BFL2114


If you have successfully set up your Xibo Player on a model not listed above, please contact the helpdesk to let us know.

Philips Integration Features

Phillips integration is available from Xibo for Android v2 R200 for LED control for selected models.

Features such as Remote Reboot and Upgrade, backlight on/off and video screenshot is available from v2 R215 release or later. You can find out more information about the using these commands here.