Request Player Status directly from a device

Request Player Status directly from a Device

If your Players are NOT connected to the CMS, follow the steps on this page to request the Player Status directly from the device.

If your Players are connecting to the CMS and showing as logged in then use the steps here.

Android earlier than R206 / webOS / Tizen

  • Connect a mouse to your device and click on the screen whilst Xibo is running. (For webOS and Tizen click Ok on the remote whilst Xibo is running)

Xibo for webOS from v3 R300 click the yellow button instead of Ok on the remote.

  • Select ‘Status’ from the Action bar at the top of the screen.

Xibo for Android from R206, press the i key on your keyboard to access the ‘Status’ page.

Windows / Linux / Android from R206

  • Press i on your keyboard to show the status window. (this Key is configurable in Display Settings Profile for the Windows Player, by accessing the Troubleshooting tab)

Take a screenshot or take a picture of the Status Window to send.