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Xibo Content Management System

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Create and manage your digital signage content quickly and easily with the Xibo CMS. See our Features page for full details.

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Create layouts for all your design ideas with powerful widgets built in as well as integrated content from third parties to keep your display fresh and up to date.

Bring your design to life in the browser and see how it will look on screen. Play it through from start to finish to get the complete picture.

Scheduling your content is easy with Xibo. With options for one off, repeat and always on events, as well as campaign scheduling, we’ve got you covered.

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Display Admin

Monitor all your displays in real time. Collect diagnostic and proof of play data for each display.

Keep your content safe and secure with Xibo’s built in User Authentication System. Control user/user group access to CMS features.

Group your displays into logical sets and then schedule and report them. You can also group Users to organise system access

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Got questions about the Xibo CMS? Check out top FAQ’s and if you still can’t find what you are looking for, visit our Community or Contact Us.

What is the Xibo CMS?

The Xibo CMS is where the entire digital signage network is managed. Here is where you’ll create Layouts, schedule to the Xibo Players and change your deployment’s settings. The Xibo CMS can either be cloud-hosted or self-hosted and is accessed via a web browser.

Xibo Players are designed to be as independent as possible from the Xibo CMS. They’ll frequently connect with the Xibo CMS over HTTP or HTTPS using TCP/80, TCP/443 and TCP/9505.

A Layout is the digital signage that’s scheduled to your Xibo Players. It will have a specific design and house all of your content.

The Xibo CMS supports a wide-range of file-based media and content from the internet. However, your Xibo Player and the hardware it’s installed on needs to be able to play it, otherwise you’ll encounter issues.

Yes, the brand and colours inside of the Xibo CMS can be changed with the Xibo CMS: White Label.