Simple. Intuitive. Impactful. Secure.

The version of Xibo you’ve been waiting for is here.

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Simple. Intuitive. Impactful. Secure.

Xibo v4 is here

Content Creators need simple, intuitive and effective tools to build impactful content quickly. Developers need powerful tools that work with them not against them, and the peace of mind that comes from running on the latest secure architecture. Xibo v4 delivers the experiences you’ve been waiting for.

Simple Scheduling

Simple Scheduling

Scheduling your content has been simplified!

Media Scheduling

Upload and schedule media quickly! Media Scheduling has been made simpler with fewer interactions required for adding images, videos and playlists.

Easily visualise and understand your content schedule using a simple grid (list) format.

The simple grid of scheduled events can be filtered, paged and sorted and you can easily see and manage events across multiple displays and event types.

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Intuitive Content Creation

Intuitive Content Creation

The most intuitive version of Xibo’s Layout Editor!

Intuitive Layout Editor

With a fresh look and new suite of editing tools, the Layout Editor in Xibo v4 makes content creation and the editing of layouts quick, simple and intuitive.

Create beautiful, engaging layouts without the need for a third party tool. Flexible drag and drop elements with snap to grid for easy positioning, and real-time resizing, gives you pixel perfect control over your layout.

Design your own data visualisations by placing Elements exactly where you want, allowing Xibo to automatically handle paging.

Use our ready made Stencils to create a pre-designed group of Elements and adapt them to suit your style and needs.

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Impactful Synchronisation

Impactful Synchronisation

Create visually impactful display installations using synchronised content.

Sync Groups

Play synchronised content across two or more displays in a mirrored or video wall configuration.

Easily create a schedule for a Sync Group which determines whether the group shows mirrored or wall content

  • Mirrored Sync Group: Show the same content across multiple displays
  • Wall Sync Group: Show different parts of a whole layout / playlist across multiple displays
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Powerful Developer Tools

Powerful Developer Tools

A streamlined Developer Experience!

Xibo v4 has a new suite of developer tools making it easier than ever to create impactful new content, widgets and integrations. Focus on what matters and let Xibo take care of the rest.

Simple XML Definition

Add new templates with your own HTML/CSS/JS using our simple XML definition.

Separate structure and data into “Modules” and “Module Templates”. Add simple modules with XML and pull data using simple PHP interfaces and/or Connectors.

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Secure Architecture

Secure Architecture

Security is still our top priority!

PHP8 / MySQL 8

Xibo v4 uses PHP 8 and MySQL 8 making it up to date with the latest security fixes and ensuring the continued prioritisation of the security of not only your data but Xibo as a whole.

PHP 8.2 is included with our Docker containers and PHP 8.1 is supported via custom installation.

Stay up to date and secure by upgrading to Xibo 4 from your earlier CMS and player versions.

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The Journey to Xibo v4

Since our inception, listening to our customers and developing our solutions based on feedback, has been our primary focus. We value our customers, community and partners who have helped Xibo grow into the product it is today.

Some of our top features include:

About Us
2009 - 2017 : Version 1.8 and earlier

From the start, we’ve been working towards building a digital signage solution that meets your business needs.

  • Open Source CMS and Windows Player
  • Layout creation, Media Library, Scheduling and DataSets
  • User access controls and single sign on
  • Display management
  • Audit logging
  • Cloud hosting or easy Docker installation
  • Android/webOS commercial players
  • Headless CMS

2019 : Version 2

We redesigned our Layout Designer from the ground up, increased security and introduced Xibo for Tizen!

  • Improved layout creation and publishing controls
  • Playlists
  • Expiry dates for widgets and media
  • Two factor authentication
  • Organise and find content using Tags
  • Nextgen Windows player
  • Xibo training school
  • Xibo for Tizen player

2021 : Version 3

We focused on providing an extensible, flexible set of tools with which our users can build amazing experiences.

  • Interactive signage
  • Share content using Folders
  • Feature flags
  • Connectors (Pixabay, Canva, DOOH advertising, dashboards)
  • Geo-scheduling
  • Report centre

2023 : Version 4

The greatest version of Xibo to date!

  • Simple media scheduling
  • Intuitive content creation
  • Flexible elements
  • Impactful synchronisation with sync groups
  • Powerful developer tools with simple XML definition
  • Updated to PHP 8 and MySQL 8 to ensure continued prioritisation of security
  • Menu boards

Now's the time to upgrade to Xibo v4

Make the most of your existing Xibo solution by upgrading your Xibo CMS and Xibo Players* to the latest version. Xibo v4 delivers the experiences you need and have been waiting for!

Intuitive Layout Editor

Intuitive Layout Editor

Fresh look, intuitive design. With flexible drag and drop elements

Content Synchronisation

Content Synchronisation

Create more engaging and impactful content using Synchronisation

Latest Secure Architecture

Latest Secure Architecture

Stay secure with the latest PHP 8 and MySQL 8 architecture

New Developer Tools

New Developer Tools

Create impactful new content, widgets and integrations. Easy to use XML modules.

Feedback Based Solutions

Feedback Based Solutions

Xibo v4 is built on feedback from our users, community and customers.

Upgrade Support

Upgrade Support

Easy to use upgrade guides. Helpdesk Support for Plan customers.

“We love the synchronization functionality that Xibo v4 offers. To the eye, it's perfect!”

Jon Knowles, Technology Manager

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