White Labelling Players

White Label Players

Present your own corporate branding by replacing the standard Xibo application name, logo and splash screen.

Please note: White Labelling is not currently available for the Linux Player.

Pricing is a one time charge per brand with no limits. Additional white labels can be purchased to cater for multiple branding if required.

Once purchased, from My Account click on the White Label button select the new White Label.

  • Click to Configure to open the forms to provide the information required for your branding.

  • Complete both tabs and upload the resources to use in the specifed file formats.

  • Once configured, hit the build button to queue:

Please note: The Name is locked and cannot be changed after the first build!

The build status will go through the process of Queued > Building > Built or Error.

With an Error status, issues need to be rectified in the configuration before attempting a further build.

  • Check all fields have been completed with no missing information.

  • Ensure that the uploaded images are in the specified formats.


Building can take up to 10 minutes in some circumstances as it is dependant on the type of white label build and how busy the service is.

Once the build is complete and ready to be downloaded, an email notification will be sent to the address that was entered in the ‘Notify when built’ field.

Changing a build

Updates can be made to your White Label after the first build with the exception of changing the Short Name. (This will have a grey background on the Configure form as this name is locked from the first build).

If you require a change to the Short Name of your White Label then you will need to purchase a new White Label to configure and build.

Getting an updated version

As new versions of the Player software is released it is recommended that White Label builds are also updated to take advantage of new features and bug fixes.

Ensure that you have set your White Label build to “Latest” or to the specific version required in My Account and click Build . Wait for the notification email or check the Progress tracker to download once the build has been completed ready for installation to your Player.

Player Licensing

For customers not on a Plan, each Android/webOS or Tizen Player you wish to White Label will require a Xibo Player License; Licensing your commercial Xibo Player

Further Guidance