DSCS9X Firmware Upgrade OTA

DSCS9X Firmware Upgrade OTA

For routine upgrades of the DSCS9X’s firmware, you can use an OTA zip file to update your device.

This will maintain your settings and installed applications.

If your device isn’t working properly and you need to fully reflash your device, you can do so using the USB-USB method described here: DSCS9X Firmware Reflash


You’ll need a USB mouse and a USB flash drive or microSD card to update the firmware.

Prepare the upgrade media

The card or flash drive must be formatted VFAT so that the DSCS9X can read it.

Download the latest firmware OTA file from the links below and copy it on to your microSD card or USB flash drive. Do not uncompress the zip file.

Eject your flash drive or microSD card safely to ensure that the data is completely written before unplugging it from your computer.

Update the firmware

Connect your USB mouse and insert the USB flash drive or microSD card in to your DSCS9X.

Right-click the mouse to close the Xibo app (assuming it is running already), and click the round circle with six rectangles inside it icon at the bottom centre of the screen to open the app launcher.

From the app launcher, click on the UPDATE app.

Under the UpdateLocale section, click on Select and pick the ZIP file that you downloaded and saved to your microSD card or USB flash drive. If you don’t see any files to select from, then try reinserting your flash drive, and if it’s still not working then ensure that the flash drive is formatted VFAT and copy a fresh copy of the upgrade file on to it before trying again.

Once you have the ZIP file selected, click the Update button in the UpdateLocale section.

The device will warn you not to disconnect power whilst the upgrade takes place. Click Update to proceed. You’ll see a blue progress bar run across the top of the white section of the screen followed by a popup as the Android system updates itself.

The system will reboot and apply the upgrade. Once it returns to the normal desktop then the upgrade is complete. You can then remove the USB stick or microSD card.

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