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Xibo 1.8.0 is here!


We are pleased to announce that we’ve released the 1.8.0 stable release of Xibo to the community. This release has taken us 18 months to develop, test and bring to you all and contains a whole host of new features. You can find out more on the Xibo Project Announcement.

We didn’t want our Cloud and Xibo for Android customers to be left behind, so we have our platform ready for 1.8.0 from today!

Xibo in the Cloud

Xibo in the Cloud now fully supports 1.8.0 instances, but we’ve left you in control of whether you use 1.8 or 1.7 – we encourage everyone to try 1.8! All new accounts will need to choose a version to install before they get created on the Cloud, there is a version selector in the Shop. Upgrades are available as usual, see “Upgrading your Cloud CMS Instance” for instructions.

Xibo for Android

We’d like to announce Xibo for Android 1.8 R101 which has compatibility with CMS 1.8 and backwards compatibility with CMS 1.7 and 1.6. We are providing free of charge upgrades to this release for any licences purchased since 10th October 2016, you can check if your licences are eligible by looking at the number of upgrades your licence pool has been assigned in the customer portal. Upgrades for older licences are available at £4 GBP per licence. For full instructions for upgrading, purchasing upgrades and installing the update itself, see “Upgrading Xibo for Android“.

Download Xibo for Android R101.

Download Xibo for Android R101 for DSDevices.

If you have a white label build of the application it is available in your account.

Keep in touch

We’ve got a lot planned for this year and have already started work on 1.9 series of Xibo – follow us on Twitter or Subscribe to our RSS to be kept up to date.


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