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Xibo for webOS v2 R202 Available


We are pleased to announce Xibo for webOS v2 R202. This release works with Xibo CMS version 2.0.0 onward and is backwards compatible with Xibo CMS 1.8.3 onward.

Features and Issues resolved in this release:

  • Blacklisted Widgets should be reset when the monitor restarts.
  • Fixed errors with "Failed to Parse Layout"
  • Fixed an issue recording proof of play statistics for the splash screen
  • Fixed an issue recording duplicate proof of play statistics

Download Xibo for webOS R202.

Upgrading from an earlier release

We are providing licence upgrades to this release, free of charge, for any licences purchased since 12 December 2018. Check your eligibility by looking at the number of upgrades your licence pool has been assigned in the Xibo customer portal.

Upgrades for licences purchased prior to this date are available for £16 GBP, per licence per major version.

If you have a subscription licence, this upgrade is included within your subscription.

Instructions for upgrading from an earlier release can be found in the Upgrade Guide. It’s also well worth having a look at the Knowledge Base.

If you have a white label build of the application it is available in your account.


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Read more from the blog