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Blue Billboard Maximises DOOH Advertising Potential with Xibo


Blue Billboard is a fast-growing digital out of home (DOOH) advertising network, founded in 2020. The Blue Billboard network currently reaches over 12 million impressions every month across businesses in Retail, Hospitality and Healthcare in the South East of England. Using innovative A.I. technology to segment and tap into an engaged audience, Blue Billboard achieves real, measurable results for their customers.


Blue Billboard was developed when Technical Director and business co-founder, Justin Howard, noticed a significant gap in the digital signage market for independent businesses on the south coast of England. With DOOH Advertising being in its infancy in the UK at the time, Justin noticed that it was mostly larger business chains within central city locations, who were utilising place-based DOOH advertising as part of their digital signage strategy. Justin saw a unique opportunity to help single owner operated and very localised businesses to leverage the exciting and growing market of DOOH Advertising.

Blue Billboard needed to partner with a digital signage software provider whose solution was flexible, scalable and affordable to support the projected growth of their new business. But a key factor for selecting a partner was the inclusion of DOOH Advertising capabilities within the solution and the willingness to enhance and evolve these capabilities as the market evolves


Blue Billboard selected Xibo in 2020 as their digital signage provider of choice. They currently operate a Xibo cloud hosted network across 54 Android displays, with a quarter of these using Xibo recommended hardware.

Blue Billboard is utilising Xibo’s Programmatic Advertising functionality to enhance their DOOH Advertising offering. By using Xibo’s SSP Connector, Blue Billboard is easily able to integrate with world leading DOOH Supply Side Platforms (SSP’s), in particular, Hivestack, Vistar Media and Place Exchange.

"Xibo’s SSP Connector has made it simpler to integrate with the DOOH Platforms we currently use, helping us maximise our return from existing advertising inventory" JUSTIN HOWARD, Technical Director


Using Xibo Signage has helped Blue Billboard to:

  • Grow rapidly as a business through Xibo’s easily scalable solution
  • Reduce costs as a new business with Xibo’s cost effective and scalable Plans
  • Enable their customers to maximise their advertising potential and earn revenue each month through a percentage of screen time per day dedicated to other advertisements.


Blue Billboard chose Xibo as their Digital Signage provider for the following reasons.

  • Cost effective
  • Scalable
  • DOOH Advertising features
  • Integration to world leading DOOH SSP’s
  • Excellent reporting functionality

“Xibo has helped us achieve our network growth targets and drive more revenue through programmatic integrations.” JUSTIN HOWARD, Technical Director


Download the full Blue Billboard case study here