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Testimonial - Laura Gray, Digital Signage Resolutions


Designate-1 “I have worked with many of the big products in the digital signage industry. Xibo stands up tall and above all of them”

Laura Gray, President, Digital Signage Resolutions discovered Xibo whilst at a customer’s property and was quickly impressed by its features. Digital Signage Resolutions are now a Xibo Value-Add Reseller partner who has successfully rolled out the solution in locations all over the US.

“Xibo appeared on my radar over 5 years ago while at a customer's property. At the time, my company created content for digital signage and provided consultancy on new and existing digital signage systems. I was visiting a customer’s property, a casino, to organize their digital signage systems. The customer was using Xibo to drive content to the casino floor and exterior signage. I was quickly impressed by Xibo's features and by the endorsements of reliability from everyone I spoke with at the casino. In addition, the cost of deploying Xibo was very reasonable. I brought the news of Xibo back to my team and we agreed that it was time to give Xibo a try. We deployed Xibo on the recommended hardware and tested for a few weeks. The results were all positive; no bugs, easy system administration, robust toolset, reliability. We knew we had found a digital signage solution we'd have confidence in offering to our existing and potential customers.

"We are now proud resellers of the Xibo platform, and have rolled out at locations all over the US. Xibo has proven to be a reliable, robust and essential tool for all of our customers. In addition, the staff at Xibo Signage are responsive and knowledgeable, and always working to improve their product. Each major release provides more dynamic tools and features plus new or revised features based on the Xibo community's feedback. You don't have to worry about these guys disappearing overnight. They are committed to supporting and improving their product, and are great to work with. I highly recommend this product!”

For more information on Digital Signage Resolutions and the products and services they offer visit: https://digitalsignageresolutions.com