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Testimonial - Intelligent Media


home-testimonials-intelligentmedia“Xibo serves our client needs in every case, simple or demanding!”

Intelligent Media first decided to fully integrate Xibo back in 2013, four years on they are now the largest Reseller of Xibo in the Greek market.

“We have been using Xibo since 2013 and we can definitely say that Xibo has solidly replaced a paid/commercial digital signage software solution. Our company has operated within the digital signage market for over 12 years and we have tested and implemented a variety of digital signage software solutions before choosing Xibo.
We decided that it was time to fully integrate Xibo into our projects as back then it was one of the few digital signage software solutions that were compatible with the newly marketed Android players.

“The Xibo CMS is continually improved, not only by minimizing bugs but also by integrating new, innovative technologies that enable us to provide both passive and interactive solutions to our clients. It is amazing how an open source software solution provides the same or in some cases more features than commercial solutions.
The Xibo team is highly open-minded, fully reachable and dedicated to providing the best possible product. We strongly believe that this profound dedication has resulted in the creation of such a great product and such an active community.
Four years after our first interaction with Xibo and the team, we are very proud to not only be Xibo’s largest reseller in the Greek market but also to be working on new technologies together to expand the Xibo market globally.”

For more information on Intelligent Media, visit: https://intelligentmedia.gr