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Testimonial - Longhill High School


longhill-1 “Xibo is a practical and dependable cornerstone of our network”.

Longhill High School have been using Xibo for several years, and remain highly impressed with the quality of displayed content that their team are able to create.

“We adopted Xibo very early on here at Longhill High School and we remain highly impressed with what we can achieve. The CMS design is logical making it easy to teach others to use, which is clear in the quality of presentations that my team can achieve time after time.

“We currently have 6 screens cited around our school building which are constantly updated with fresh content to ensure that school information is kept up to date and relevant to the point in our school year. We display daily menus from our school canteen along with school notices and student information, as well as network monitoring screens in our Network Operations Centre. We've found the flexibility to display a variety of content absolutely unparalleled, even when we have compared against other commercial solutions.

“Xibo is a practical and dependable cornerstone of our network which gives us the flexibility, affordability and reliability we need for our digital signage requirements.”

James Arnold - Network Manager