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Testimonial - Università degli Studi di Urbino Carlo Bo, Italy


logo-uniurb-2 “We are very proud of this solution”

Donatello Trisolino and Marco Cappellacci have been using their Xibo based solution since June 2017 at the Università degli di Urbino Carlo Bo in Italy.

“We have been using a digital signage system based on Xibo at our campus from June 2017 to provide real time information for events, news, exams, lesson times and much more.

“We currently have 18 screens distributed over multiple buildings, which we can control centrally allowing us to program campaigns and distribute personalised information for events to each individual building.

“We are very proud of this solution, Thank you so much Xibo!”

Donatello Trisolino - Webmaster
Marco Cappellacci - System Administrator