Creating a Player

Creating a player

If you’re here because you want to contribute to the Windows or Linux player development, then great and welcome! If you’re not here to do that are you sure that you need to create your own player? Xibo has a player for every occasion and we’d encourage you to make absolutely sure you can’t use or contribute code to one of those existing players. We say this because we know how hard it is to make a player work reliably, and we know how flexible our existing players can be.

Now that we all sure why we’re here, the following pages explore how Xibo expects a player to communicate with it, how the player should render the content that is provided to it, and how it should report back its progress and status.

  • Communicating with the CMS: This section deals with how to register with the CMS, download content and report back status
  • Xibo Layout Format: This section deals with the XLF file, what it means and how to render its content
  • Collecting Proof of Play: This section deals with how to collect and format proof of play depending on the different aggregation levels