Interactive Actions

Interactive Actions

Please note: Interactive Actions are currently supported on Xibo for Windows R3 R300 / Xibo for Android R3 R300 and Xibo for webOS v3 R300

Please note: If you are using a v3.0.x CMS click here

Actions can be attached to an entire Layout a particular Region or specific Widget and can be used to effect changes to the Layout. These can be triggered by Touch or Click or programmatically by webhook.

Scenario: A Product display has a product that the customer can pick up. An ‘internet of things’ device, such as a light sensor could be used to trigger a webhook to Xibo which loads that particular products information into a Region to be shown.

More information on webhooks can be found in our Developer documentation here

Adding an Action

Interactive Actions are accessed from the Layout Designer and created and managed from the Actions tab in the properties panel for a Layout, Region or Widget.

  • Using the Actions tab, click on the Add Action button to create a new action.

  • Use the drop down to select how this Action should be triggered:

    • Trigger by touching or clicking anywhere on a Layout, a particular Region or a particular Widget
    • Include a Trigger Code, which must be present in the URL ``trigger=` parameter.

When triggering by touch using Android, ensure that Touch capabilities are enabled for the device from Display Settings using the Advanced tab!
  • Select the Action to determine what will happen when triggered:
    • Next / Previous item in the Schedule - this option is available for selection when adding an Action to an entire Layout.

    • Next / Previous Widget in the Timeline - this option is available for selection when adding an Action to a Region or Widget.

    • Navigate to Layout - on selecting this option a further field will be presented to select the Layout Code to identify the Layout to be used from the drop down menu.

      Layouts need to have a Code Identifier assigned in order to be included in this list for selection. Edit Layouts to include codes or assign when adding new!
    • Navigate to Widget - to use this option, Widgets first need to be added to the Interactive Drawer from the Layout Designer and a Target Region has to be set:

Once saved, added Widgets will show for selection using the Navigate to Widget drop down menu.

Select the Target:

  • Use the Screen option if your Widget is a Shell Command which will run the command without affecting any Regions.
  • Select the Region option for ALL OTHER Widgets.

Once all relevant fields have been completed, click the Save button.

Edit or delete Actions using the row menu!