Display live streamed HLS content on Layouts.

  • HLS Stream
  • Available from CMS: 1.8
  • Cloud
  • HLS Stream 1.8
  • Cloud

NOTE: This Widget requires a Player running Windows 8.1 or later/Android 6 or later. Earlier Android devices may play HLS using the Local Video Widget.

This Widget requires a valid internet connection on the Player in order to function.

Add Widget

Locate HLS from the Widget toolbar and click to Add or Grab to drag and drop to a Region.

{verision} NOTE: If you are using a 1.8.x CMS, select HLS from the Widget Toolbox to add. {/version}

On adding, configuration options are shown in the properties panel:

  • Provide a Name for ease of identification.
  • Choose to override the default duration if required.


  • Provide a URL to the HLS Video stream.

  • Use the checkbox to mute/unmute the video stream.


Available from v3.0.0

Interactive Actions can be attached to this HLS Widget from the Actions tab. Please see the Interactive Actions page for more information.