Add the HLS Video Stream Widget to show live streamed content on Layouts.

Please note:

  • This Widget requires a Player running Windows 8.1 or later/Android 6 or later. Earlier Android devices may play HLS using the Local Video Widget.

  • This Module is currently not supported with the Linux Player.

  • This Widget requires a valid internet connection on the Player in order to function.


Add Widget

Click on HLS from the Widget toolbar and click to add or drag and drop

If you are using a 1.8.x CMS, select HLS from the Widget Toolbox to add!

On adding, configuration options are shown in the properties panel:

  • Provide a Name for ease of identification.
  • Choose to override the default duration if required.


  • Provide a URL to the HLS Video stream.

  • Use the checkbox to mute/unmute the video stream.


Available from v3.0.0

Actions can be attached to this Widget, please see the Interactive Actions page for more information.