Display images on Layouts.

NOTE: If you are using a CMS earlier than v3.1, please use the links below:
  • v3.0 CMS, please click here
  • CMS earlier than v3.0, please click here

  • Image
  • Available from CMS: 1.8
  • Cloud
  • Image 1.8
  • Cloud

Image files can be uploaded to the Library or uploaded directly to Layouts using the Image Library Search function from the Toolbar in the Layout Designer.

Animated GIF’s are not supported on any Player!

Configuration Options

Once added to Layouts, click on the Image file in the Timeline or Viewer to show configuration options in the the properties panel:

  • Provide an optional Name if required.
  • Tick the Set a duration to provide a specific duration in seconds.

  • Use the Appearance tab to change the settings for Scale and Alignment of the image.

NOTE: From v3.1.0 Fit Scale type is available for Images!

Use the Context Menu to apply options to this Widget. Please refer to the Layout Designer page for further information!



Interactive Actions can be attached to this Image Widget from the Actions tab. Please see the Interactive Actions page for more information.

As Xibo takes no measures to control what content is put on your displays, it is your responsibility to ensure that any images used are appropriately attributed if you do not own the rights.