Add Video files to play on your Layouts and Playlists from the Library Search.

  • Video
  • Available from CMS: 1.8
  • Video 1.8
  • Cloud


  • Upload new video files directly to Playlists/Layouts from the Library Search.
  • Files uploaded directly to Playlists and Layouts are automatically saved to the Library for re-use.
  • Video files can also be uploaded in advance to the Library.

We recommend H264 MP4 file format.

When uploading video files the scroll bar can be used to select a frame to be used as a thumbnail in the CMS for easier identification.

  • Set start and end times for video files uploaded directly to a Playlist.

  • Save video files to Folders on upload, to easily control access to Users.

  • Uploaded video files are cached for off-line playback.

  • Control the duration of the video file.

    • Set a lower duration to cut the original file short.

    • Set a higher duration and use the Loop function to “loop” back to the beginning to satisfy a longer duration.

  • Aspect and Stretch scaling options.

  • Expand the top of existing content to show the video full screen.

  • Mute videos that have audio.

  • Select videos to use from Pixabay without leaving the CMS.

NOTE: Scaling is currently supported by Android, webOS and Tizen Players (from v2 R200) and Windows Players (from v2 R253). Transitions are not supported for the Tizen Player when using the Video Widget.

As Xibo takes no measures to control what content is put on your displays, it is your responsibility to ensure that any videos used are appropriately attributed if you do not own the rights.