Add Audio files to play on your Layouts and Playlists from the Library Search.

  • Audio
  • Available from CMS: 1.8
  • Audio 1.8
  • Cloud


  • Upload new audio files directly to Playlists/Layouts from the Library Search.
  • Files uploaded directly to Playlists and Layouts are automatically saved to the Library for re-use.
  • Audio files can be also be uploaded in advance to the Library.

We recommend mp3.wav file format.
  • Set start and end times for audio files uploaded directly to a Playlist.
  • Save audio files to Folders on upload, to easily control access to Users.
  • Uploaded audio files are cached for off-line playback.
  • Fully compatible with Overlay Layouts.
  • Control the duration of the audio file.
    • Set a lower duration to cut the original file short.

    • Set a higher duration and use the Loop function to “loop” back to the beginning to satisfy a longer duration.

  • Attach Audio files to other Widgets.

Audio can also be attached to other Widgets using the Context Menu

When attaching to Widgets, Users can enter a Volume as well as a Loop parameter to determine whether the audio will loop for the duration of the attached Widget or just play through once. Audio will stop once the parent Widget finishes playing!