Local Video

Local Video

Add a video from a local file path or URL to Playlists and Layouts. This type of video only exists on the Player and is not uploaded to the CMS.

  • Local Video
  • Available from CMS: 1.8
  • Local Video 1.8
  • Cloud


  • Show manually transferred videos.
  • Use with videos on a LAN.
  • Stream videos.
  • File path or URL can be to an RTSP Stream.
  • Aspect and Stretch scaling options.
  • Mute functionality.
  • Expand content over the top of existing content to show video full screen.

NOTE: Video scaling and RTSP streams are only supported on Android, webOS and Linux Players. Use the HLS Widget to show compatible video streams on Windows and Tizen Players. The number of RTSP streams you can show on one Layout / Playlist is dependent on the device being used. Transitions are not supported for the Tizen Player when using the Local Video Widget.