Xibo has a sophisticated scheduling system which allows for the simple creation of complex schedules for Events across Displays/Display Groups.


Events are administered from the Schedule section of the menu and managed from the calendar interface.

The CMS supports scheduling for the following Event types:

  1. Layout Event

    Select Published Layouts to schedule to Displays.

  2. Campaign

    Select Campaigns to schedule to Displays.

  3. Overlay Layout Event

    Specially created Overlay Layouts are scheduled at the same time as existing Layouts to create an overlay of content to be displayed.

  4. Interrupt Layout Event (available from v2.2.0)

    Please note: Currently supported for Android from R204 and Windows from R253

    A Layout that is scheduled as an Interrupt Layout will interrupt your usual schedule to fit around other scheduled Layouts to play for the specified Share of Voice percentage set.

  5. Command Event

    A Scheduled Command can be executed by the Player at a specific point in time and therefore this type of event does not need a toDt.

Available Commands can be selected using the Command drop-down menu on the Schedule Event form.

Display Order and Priority are irrelevant when it comes to executing the Command, but may be set in the CMS for organisational purposes.
  1. Action Events (available from v3.1.0)

Please note: Currently supported on Windows from v3 R303

Actions allows listening for webhooks independantly to Layouts. Users can schedule Action Events to Navigate to a Layout or run a Command.

Schedule Events

Events are scheduled into Dayparts. Select from the two available options when configuring an Event:

  • Custom

Create your own To/From dates and times.

  • Always

Select to have the event run constantly.

Create your own defined Dayparts for ease of scheduling. Once created these will show in the Dayparting drop down menu for selection!


Use Event Priority to determine whether the event should be included in the schedule for the Player or not. A ‘Priority Event’ is determined by a number, with 0 considered the lowest Priority.

If a Player has a schedule containing Events which are all Priority 0, then all of the Events will be shown in rotation together.

If 1 of the Events has a Priority of 1, then this will be the only Event shown.

If there are some Events with Priority 0, some with Priority 1 and some with Priority 2 only the Priority 2 Events will be shown, in a rotation for that Scheduled period (as the highest Priority)

A good example to use Priority would be in a way to alter the Schedule at a specific time, for example, a normal rotation during the day with a Priority Event at lunchtime which shows specific ‘lunch’ information (i.e. Lunchtime specials on a cafe menu).